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What is Blue Village?

Blue Village is an investor-funded imprint of Blue Forge Films that produces a new commercial short film every three months or feature films in six months. Membership dues from Blue Village members act like an insurance deductible toward any costs of making the films, submitting to festivals, holding premieres, and releasing the films on dvd, with the angel investor covering all remaining expenses. Members receive a private email every Monday and vote on what films to make, what tie-ins to commission, who to cast, and more.

How is Blue Village Different from Blue Forge Films?

Every film produced by Blue Village will uphold the same standards as every other film at Blue Forge Films: To break stereotypes and misconceptions, to be inclusive and diverse, to bring light to the shadows and voice to the silence to empower, educate and entertain. However, Blue Forge Films does not traditionally take its films to festivals nor do we have an exclusive troupe of actors we cast from. Also, the decisions made for films outside Blue Village are made by their individual creators, not by a governing collective. Last but worth mentioning: Films outside Blue Village are funded by their creators and producers; Blue Forge Films as a nonprofit entity does not fund films.

Who is Blue Village For?

Since the launch of Blue Forge Films there have been producers and partners who wanted to send their projects to festivals and expressed an interest in being more hands on in the decisions that go into a film. And there are even more artisans who asked for the security of guaranteed acting roles. These individuals are exactly why we agreed to launch the Blue Village imprint. Additionally, because of its outside investor, Blue Village allows films to be made that Blue Forge Films does not have the funds to produce.

Is Blue Village "Pay-to-Play"?

Yes and no. Do you consider a festival submission fee pay-to-play? Do you consider the investment made by a producer of a film pay-to-play? If so, than yes. Blue Village members -- no matter what their level -- have an equal vote in all decisions and have the security of knowing they will be cast in the films they're helping make. This is a troupe of actors running a film imprint together. So we see it as co-ownership more than pay-to-play.

What films has Blue Village produced so far?

My Wyvern Heart and Sound & Silence (both available here) have been released and Social Box and An Anarchy of Angels are in production.

How and when are films selected?

Most of the films produced by Blue Village are selected by the members. Four films are selected at a time and then, when the fourth film moves into production, the next four films are selected. (A feature length film counts as two short films.)

How do I get cast in a Blue Village film?

Only members of Blue Village can be cast in Blue Village films. An actor can have either level of membership since all levels will be cast and all levels have equally voting rights on all decisions.

Can I cancel my membership?

Members can cancel their membership at any time right from their own PayPal account or above under the first question. No need to even contact us. However, if an actor cancels their membership before they appear in a film they've been cast in, they will lose their role. See your membership details for other specifics.

How do I make money with Blue Village?

Some members work with Blue Village to see a financial return from the films and tie-in products that Blue Village makes. The Entrepreneur level makes a monthly royalty.


Have a question not covered here? Contact us. Want to see the specific benefits available to each level of membership? Find them both here.

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